Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

PcMav - Ramnit Killer

Ramnit is one virus that continues rampant lately. Characteristics of the most easily recognizable on a computer that has infected Ramnit is the creation of 4 pieces shortcut on a removable disk with the name:
Copy of Shortcut to (1). LnkCopy of Shortcut to (2). LnkCopy of Shortcut to (3). LnkCopy of Shortcut to (4). Lnk
Behind the shortcut is easily visible, many other Ramnit actions that are not easily detected, among others infect files *. exe / *. dll / *. htm / *. html, injecting multi-processes in memory, and tried to download other malware. Ramnit equipped with advanced capabilities that make stealth rootkits in memory. Ramnit can infect a computer a clean with a variety of techniques, through exploit shortcuts, autorun, or through execution of the exe file / etc and HTML that have been infected.
PCMAV Express for Ramnit made to clean many variants Ramnit the in-the-wild, stop the process Ramnit on the infected computer memory, cleans infected files Ramnit, both executable files and HTML completely and accurately on any drive (hard disks and removable disks ) installed, and repair registry altered Ramnit.

Terms of Use:
  1. Run PCMAV for Ramnit of the hard disk, avoid running it from a flash drive can remember shortcut Ramnit executed when you click on an infected flash disk drive via Windows Explorer.
  2. Make sure your users have Administrator equivalent rights.
  3. Disable / close applications (antivirus, Windows Explorer or other programs) that are still active so as not to interfere with PCMAV Express.
  4. Disable Autorun function (reference link:
  5. Plug the flash that infected the computer in order to participate cleaned by PCMAV Express for Ramnit, but do not be accessed.
  6. Make sure your computer is * not * connected to the network or the Internet during the scan.
  7. When finished, it is advisable to restart and re-scan (if necessary).
  8. Once the virus successfully completed, immediately update / patch your Windows.
Make sure that all PCs that have been connected in the network have also been free Ramnit, before you return your PC is connected to the network.
This section will be updated in accordance with the development of virus Ramnit that we continue to monitor. Ramnit new variant (or other viruses) that you find can be uploaded to:
Until now PCMAV Express for Ramnit been able to handle 13 Ramnit variant that functions as a virus dropper:
  1. Ramnit.A.dropper
  2. Ramnit.B.dropper
  3. Ramnit.C.dropper
  4. Ramnit.D.dropper
  5. Ramnit.E.dropper
  6. Ramnit.F.dropper
  7. Ramnit.G.dropper
  8. Ramnit.H.dropper
  9. Ramnit.I.dropper
  10. Ramnit.J.dropper
  11. Ramnit.K.dropper
  12. Ramnit.L.dropper
  13. Ramnit.M.dropper

PCMAV main engines regularly will be updated following the development Ramnit.

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